Helping Shiftworkers Be Alert and At Work


Shiftworkers in round-the-clock workforces are often NOT Alert and NOT at Work and companies face:

Increased absenteeism

Greater usage of health benefits

Performance deficits and injuries

Some estimates suggest these costs may be thousands of dollars a year per shiftworker.

Would you like to reduce these costs?

What's the Solution?

Help shiftworkers learn how to sleep better and manage their self-care.

When shiftworkers sleep better they:

  • Feel better and work better
  • Perform better and have fewer injuries
  • Are alert and at work.

Helping shiftworkers learn how to sleep better and manage their self-care is a simple and effective solution.

But there are so many barriers to making this happen.

  • Planning any on-site training for shiftworkers is a logistical nightmare.
  • Not everyone is available for the scheduled training
  • The costs of on-site training can be prohibitive.

But let’s assume you can get everyone together for a presentation and what happens?

They don’t benefit from the presentation. Shiftworkers are too tired to pay attention and then you go through it all over again because you have new employees who need the training.

Though self-care education is vital for shiftworkers, the stress and the increased workload of making it happen makes it easy to put it on the back burner.

But that’s all about to change.

Because here’s a program that not only provides shiftworkers with the strategies they need to sleep better and feel better, it also eliminates all the barriers associated with providing those programs.

Why Have You Not Heard of It Before?
Because it is NEW!

You can achieve your goals AND keep it within your budget.

But you do need to act today.

Only the first 10 companies who register for the program will be eligible for incredibly low Launch prices.

In fact, reserve your spot today and receive 50% off FOR LIFE


Imagine how good you will feel checking this task of your list.

Imagine the extra time you’ll have to devote to other things on your list.

Imagine how you will feel when you get credit for

  • Reducing absenteeism and health costs
  • Improving engagement and performance measures. 

Wouldn't that be worth it?

Act today.

How to Easily and Effectively Help Shiftworkers
Be Alert and at Work

Licenced on-line Educational Program

Includes 3 on-line courses on topics of most interest to shiftworkers – sleep, fatigue and mental well-being

Courses proven in on-site presentations to thousands of shiftworkers across Canada and the US

Company branded site to show company commitment to shiftworker health and well-being and to maintain consistent corporate image

Managed learning platform

Enjoy the following benefits:

No more logistical nightmares

Control over employee training plans and schedules

Reduced training costs compared to on-site delivery

Access to the training for current and new employees; anytime, anywhere

Access for employees on different schedules  

Increased ROI of training

Reduced stress and workload for managers

Available to family members as well as employees

Monthly reports of your employee’s engagement in this program

Proof of due diligence for fatigue risk and liability

A built-in recruitment and retention strategy

Reserve your spot today and receive 50% off FOR LIFE

Still not convinced you need to act to claim one of the registrations for this program?

Let’s be honest. It may be because this program is simply not suitable for your company.

This program is ONLY for those companies who

  • Understand that a 24/7 workplace is not a 9 to 5 workplace with an extra shift
  • Believe that employee health and safety are strategic priorities
  • Are willing to invest in employee well-being and performance improvement.

There is something else these companies understand.

Implementing this program demonstrates due diligence and reduces the risk of potential liability associated with sleepiness and fatigue.

  • Has your company considered these risks?
  • What would the consequences of a sleepiness or fatigue accident or injury be?
  • Who would suffer? The employee? The company? Clients?
  • What would the costs be?

What if the risks of these costs and liabilities could be significantly reduced with a very small investment?

Would you be ready to act?

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