Alert at Work Affiliate Program

Reward Yourself!

Help us spread the word about Alert@Work and how we help shiftworkers THRIVE.

If you are an Alert@Work Affiliate we will reward you for every THRIVE membership and Corporate License purchase made using your affiliate link.

If you have a website on which you wish to promote Alert@Work that’s great.

Or you may simply wish to share the information about Alert@Work through your communication with friends, family and colleagues. That’s fine too.

Alert@Work Affiliate Program Rewards

When someone uses your affiliate link to purchase and pay for an Annual or Monthly THRIVE Membership or a Corporate License for courses we will reward you with a one-time commission payment as follows:

  • $10 for an Annual THRIVE Membership
  • $2 for a Monthly THRIVE Membership
  • $100 for a Corporate Course License

Rewards are paid quarterly. Imagine how you will feel receiving your reward.

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