Schedule Review

Do you have a Best-practise Shiftwork Schedule?

We can review your schedule and make recommendations for improvement.

“(The schedule you designed) was a savior this year for us. We really like it.” – Ronnie, U.S. Corp of Engineers


Schedule Clinic

This is a full day to work with the stakeholders in your organization to develop a shiftwork schedule that will meet your needs.


Management and Operational Review

Are management and operational policies conducive to creating a high-performing 24/7 shiftwork workplace?

We can assess your practices and policies and make recommendations or work with you to address specific issues and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Tired overworked worker falls asleep during working hours in factory

Fatigue Risk Management

As part of their risk management protocol, many workplaces are developing and implementing Fatigue Risk Management Plans.

We can help you assess your risk and decide on strategies that would mitigate sleepiness and fatigue risk.

If you require a comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Plan, we can facilitate its development with your stakeholders.

Note that some sectors (e.g., transportation, nuclear power generation) require sleep and fatigue management education for compliance with industry and government regulations.

Let’s discuss your needs and determine how we can help you achieve your goals.

male and female factory workers talking during shift

Employee Assessments

One’s ability to be successful with shift work involving nights is dependent on a number of factors such as appropriate self-care and family support. Most critical to success, however, is being well-adapted to the schedule one is working.

Determining this adaptability pre-employment allows for the employee to be either assigned to the most appropriate schedule or provided with the necessary education and supports for a healthy and safe outcome.

If you want to reduce absenteeism, turnover and health costs, the Pre-employment Assessment would be a valuable best-practice strategy.

If you would like to do Pre-employment Assessments, please contact us for further information.

Do you have employees who:

  • are not coping well with the challenges of shift work?
  • have major health problems?
  • have an addiction or are dependent on a substance for sleeping and/or waking?
  • are on sick leave or disability leave?

With these employees there is always a question about the extent to which shift work may be contributing to their symptoms or whether it is prudent for them to either continue with or continue with shift work.

This comprehensive assessment can help to determine the extent to which shift work may be contributing to the employee’s symptoms and whether it is prudent for them to either continue with or return to their shift work schedule. We can also recommend what other strategies may be appropriate.

If you wish to have an employee assessed, contact us for further information.

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