Carolyn Schur

Alert@Work  (a division of Schur Goode Associates)
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Founder and Sr. Consultant: Carolyn Schur

For inquiries about

  • Our programs and services
  • Speaking or presentations
  • Media or Podcast interviews
    • Sleep and sleep deprivation
    • Effects of sleep deprivation on health, safety and performance
    • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (shift work sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder)
    • Night owl behavior and its implications for work, relationships, and parenting
    • Strategies to maintain alertness at work and while driving
    • Fatigue and driving or working
    • Shift work / Night work – its effects and how to cope with it
  • Special features on sleep, fatigue and shiftwork are appropriate for - National Sleep Awareness Week - National Occupational Health and Safety Week
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