Sleep Better. Feel Better.

Are You Challenged by….

  • Disrupted sleep?
  • Chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue?
  • Frequent acute illness (colds, allergies, flu)?
  • Serious health conditions (diabetes, heart disease)?
  • Stress associated with schedule changes
  • Disruption in family life and relationships

These are common challenges experienced by shiftworkers especially those who do night shifts.



'How are you doing as a shiftworker? Try this quiz.


Many shiftworkers have been able to maintain their health and well-being even after 25 or more years of shiftwork.

These successful shiftworkers are:

  • Resilient
  • Well-adapted to shiftwork
  • Don’t have risk factors
  • Implement sleep and self-care strategies
  • Have family support
  • Have a good schedule

Alert@Work helps shiftworkers Sleep Better – Feel Better – Be Successful Shiftworkers.

“I’ve been a shift worker for 20 years, so I thought it would be a waste of time, but I’ve already learned more in the first hour than I thought I would learn in the whole presentation.” BP, Durango, CO

"My sister is using your resources to create better sleep habits and is now feeling better moving from night shifts to day shifts or vice versa." Lori B., Safety and Human Resources Consultant, Halifax, Canada

Courses and Presentations

Working ‘Round the Clock

available as Online course or On-site presentation
To enhance the health and well-being of shift workers by developing appropriate sleep and self-care strategies.

Managing Relationships in the Workplace

available as Online course only
To help workers manage workplace relationships when faced with stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue associated with shiftwork.

ZZZ… Best You Can Be

available as On-site presentation only
Do you have the energy to achieve all that you would like or are you too tired to bother?

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