Health and Safety Training for Shiftworkers Made Easy

Our most popular courses are now available on-line.  With an easy ‘One Click and It’s Done’ organizations can register and give employees access to the courses anytime, anywhere. Courses are not sequential and can be done in any order.

Shiftworkers who participate in this program will be able to:

  • Sleep better, feel better and improve family life
  • Promote alertness when experiencing sleepiness and fatigue
  • Manage workplace relationships when faced with stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue
  • Be alert and at work

Plus these added benefits for Human Resource Departments and Managers:

  • No more logistical nightmares
  • Control over employee training plans and schedules
  • Reduced training costs compared to on-site delivery
  • Access to training for current and new employees: anytime, anywhere
  • Increased ROI of training
  • Reduced stress and workload for managers
  • Available for family members as well as employees
  • Monthly reports of your employees engagement in the program
  • Proof of due diligence for fatigue risk and liability
  • A built-in recruitment and retention strategy

Available Courses

Working ‘Round the Clock

Course Goal: to enhance the health and well-being of shift workers by developing appropriate sleep and self-care strategies.

Participants will be able to

  • Explain how sleep patterns are disrupted
  • Enhance the quantity and quality of their sleep
  • Plan schedule transitions
  • Plan sleep schedules
  • Make appropriate eating choices while on shift
  • Determine individual adaptability for various sleep and work schedules
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue and increase alertness
  • Identify other factors that influence adjustment to shift work
  • Manage family life to support individual and family well-being
  • Accept the challenges and benefits of a shiftwork lifestyle

What Participants Say About This Presentation

“I’ve been a shift worker for 20 years, so I thought it would be a waste of time, but I’ve already learned more in the first hour than I thought I would learn in the whole presentation.” BP, Durango, CO

“I really found it informative. Wished I could have taken it many years ago.” Debra, Saskatoon Health Region

“Everyone that does shift work should have this information.”

The 7 modules in this course cover the following topics:

  • Shiftwork Hazard – Causes and Consequences
  • Choosing Survival Strategies
  • Working with the Body, Not Against It
  • How to Reduce Stress and Fatigue
  • How to Improve Quantity and Quality of Sleep
  • How to Gain the Cooperation of Your Family
  • Adaptability – Who Will Survive?

Modules include a variety of learning materials providing opportunities to read, listen and engage in both reflective and learning activities. Participants are encouraged to individualize and adapt strategies that are most relevant to them.

Completing all the modules will require approximately 90 minutes.

PowerUP: Strategies to Maintain Alertness and Overcome Sleepiness

Course Goal: to provide workers with strategies to maintain alertness at work so they are safe and reduce the risk of injury

Participants will be able to

  • Distinguish between sleepiness and fatigue
  • Recognize when risk is highest
  • Recognize impairment risk
  • Choose strategies to overcome sleepiness
  • Choose strategies to promote alertness
  • Choose strategies to maintain alertness while driving

“It was practical and relevant to everyone.” Bev, Transit Service

The 4 modules in this course cover the following topics:

  • Sleepiness, Fatigue and Impairment
  • Sleepiness and Strategies to Overcome Sleepiness
  • Fatigue and Strategies to Promote Alertness
  • Driving: Dangers and Strategies for Safety.

Modules include a variety of learning materials providing opportunities to read, listen and engage in both reflective and learning activities.

Completing all the modules will require approximately 1 hour

Preview a PowerUP course module

Managing Relationships in the Workplace

Course Goal: to help workers manage workplace relationships when faced with stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue associated with shiftwork

Participants will learn about

  • Sleep and why it’s an important health behaviour
  • The primary reasons for sleep deprivation in our society
  • The impact of sleep deprivation on the workplace, health and relationships
  • The challenges associated with shiftwork
  • Strategies to address a colleague who is sleepy
  • The most common sleep disorders and their impact on sleep
  • Appropriate interventions to help get the sleep we need.

This course includes 4 fully digitized modules which require approximately 1 hour to complete.

Meet your Course Leader

Working with organizations in the Utilities and Nuclear Power sector, Mining and Government, Carolyn Schur has been providing innovative and practical solutions to shiftworkers across Canada and the US since 1996. Carolyn combines her work experience with human resources, training management and occupational health and safety, with her consulting and training expertise in counseling, health and nutrition and sleep disorders to provide an all-encompassing solution to her courses.

Clients include

  • Capital Power, Edmonton
  • Bruce Power, Ontario, Canada
  • PG&E, San Francisco, US
  • BP, Colorado, US
  • AES, Oklahoma
  • Keys Energy, Florida, US
  • Potash Corp, Saskatoon, Canada
  • New Brunswick Power, Canada
  • 435 Wing Squadron, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations
  • Saskatchewan Correctional Centres
Meet Your Trainer - Carol Schur

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