You’re taking action to Make Health and Safety Training for Shiftworkers Easy

Get access to 3 health and safety courses of most interest to shiftworkers.

Program Pricing

An annual license fee of $297 provides access to the learning platform.

The employee/per course fee is $47. Employees access courses with a code.

Bundle and choose courses and allow access based on your budget and your company’s priorities each year.

Save more with our Bulk Buy option.

100-499 seats   $37/seat        500+ seats Contact us for a custom quote.

Benefit from much-reduced training costs.
(no presenter fees, no travel expenses, no overtime pay)

No need for major budget allocations and approvals.

And - No Stress, No Hassle.

Employees access the course anytime, anywhere,

when it is convenient for them to do so.

Still not convinced this program will Lighten Your Load and Add Value to Your Organization?

Let’s be honest. It may be because this program is simply not suitable for your company.

This program is ONLY for those companies who

  • Understand that a 24/7 workplace is not a 9 to 5 workplace with an extra shift
  • Believe that employee health and safety are strategic priorities
  • Are willing to invest in employee well-being and performance improvement.

There is something else these companies understand.

Implementing this program demonstrates due diligence and reduces the risk of potential liability associated with sleepiness and fatigue.

  • Has your company considered these risks?
  • What would the consequences of a sleepiness or fatigue accident or injury be?
  • Who would suffer? The employee? The company? Clients?
  • What would the costs be?

What if the risk of these costs and liabilities could be significantly reduced with a very small investment?

Would you be ready to act?

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