Birds of a Different Feather

A ground-breaking work that explores for the first time the behavior of people we call “night owls” and “early birds.”Explains the physiological factors and cultural assumptions affecting behavior.

Profiles night owls and early birds who share their experiences and strategies for living comfortably and for dealing with other night owls and early birds in their families and at work.

Relevant information for family and marriage counselors and human resource managers.

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

“Theories” About Being an Early Bird or a Night Owl Physiology Associated with Early Bird and Night Owl Behavior What Kind of “Bird” Are You? Can You Change the Way You Are? Sociology Associated with Early Bird and Night Owl Behavior Values Reflected in Language Teasing Beliefs about Types in the Population Changing the Social Order

CHAPTER TWO: Characteristics and Daily Routines

Preferred Daily Schedules Characteristic Reactions to Schedule Changes Profile of Morning Type (Early Bird) Profile of Evening Type (Night Owl) Characteristics and Daily Routines Night Owls in the Morning Night Owl Evening Routines Conversation with an Early Bird Daily Routines of Early Birds Physical Activity Social Events Self-Image Self-Image of Night Owls Self-Image of Early Birds Characteristic Work Behaviors Night Owls at Work Early Birds at Work Reasons Associated with Preferred Work Schedules Night Shifts Professions Chosen Other Characteristics

CHAPTER THREE: Relationships at Home and Work

How We View Each Other How Night Owls View Early Birds How Early Birds View Night Owls Conflict in Relationships Relationships with Spouses Relationships in the Workplace

CHAPTER FOUR: Living comfortably with your daily rhythm

Trying to Change Factors Affecting Adjustment How Well Are You Coping? Living Comfortably with Your Daily Rhythm Accommodating Families Coping in the Workplace Flexibility in the Workplace

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