Reduce Sleepiness and Fatigue.
Improve Alertness.

Shiftworkers commonly experience sleepiness and fatigue.

This may be due to sleep deprivation or having to work at night when our bodies are designed for sleep.

The reduced alertness leaves shiftworkers impaired and subject to higher risk of accidents and injuries.

Extra attention must be focused on ensuring higher levels of alertness on all shifts.

Alert@Work helps shiftworkers Reduce Sleepiness and Fatigue and Improve Alertness.


“all your hints were awesome” Sask Power

“I thought you had great content and were clearly a subject matter expert.” Steven H., CRSP, Winnipeg, Canada

Courses and Presentations

PowerUP: Strategies to Maintain Alertness and Overcome Sleepiness

available as Online course or On-site presentation
To provide workers with strategies to maintain alertness at work so they are safe and reduce the risk of injury.

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