Implement Best-Practice Shift Schedules

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One of the most important influences on shiftworker health and safety is shift schedules.

Every workplace has different conditions and requirements so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. There is no one perfect schedule and a shift schedule that works in another workplace may not work in your workplace.

Alert@Work helps to develop and implement best-practice shift schedules that will work for your workplace.


Schedule Clinic Presentation

Learn best practices for shiftwork schedule design. Includes opportunity to review your existing schedule and determine options for change, if necessary.


Schedule Clinic

This is a full day to work with the stakeholders in your organization to develop a shiftwork schedule that will meet your needs.


Schedule Review

Do you have a Best-practise Shiftwork Schedule?

We can review your schedule and make recommendations for improvement.

“(The schedule you designed) was a savior this year for us. We really like it.” – Ronnie, U.S. Corp of Engineers

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