Alert@Work: THRIVE Membership Program

Resources for shiftworkers and their managers to achieve better sleep, health and safety.

An Alert@Work: THRIVE Membership Program is the solution when there is no or a very small training budget.

Plus, there is no easier way to get vital health and safety information to shiftworkers.

An Alert@Work: THRIVE Membership can

  • provide on-going learning and support after employees have completed a course
  • serve as a stand-alone resource if employees don’t have access to any other educational options to improve their sleep, health and safety
  • provide value to both shiftworkers and their managers

The THRIVE Membership offers many opportunities to learn and engage including

  • Expert interviews
  • Shiftworker Interviews
  • Weekly Article & Podcast
  • Webinars
  • Weekly quizzes, polls and challenges
  • Information sharing with other members
  • FUN activities

Here's an example of what you'll find on the Weekly Activity dashboard:

THRIVE is a fee-based program and provides access to a broad range of resources for learning, engagement and support.

Access to the Alert@Work: THRIVE Membership is available to individuals. Organizations can also purchase access at a reduced rate for all their employees.

THRIVE Annual Membership $59

THRIVE Monthly Membership $9.97 per month

The THRIVE Membership is also available for corporations to purchase in addition to their courses

Do you think your company could benefit if all shiftworkers were more alert and at work? Then tell your manager about Alert@Work and let us help your coworkers too!

Better Health and Safety for Shiftworkers

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